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Jul 15, 2011 5:00pm PDT
jacquessy valley after being separated from a fwrup of students from india. advise writing -- los angeles police questioned his traveling companions june 29th. detective s do not suspect foul play in this case. the 15-year-old vanished while taking pictures outside of the group hotel june 23, he's now in custody of los angeles county child welfare officials and they're making arangements for him to go home to india. >>> a new jersey man pled not guilty to charges of stealing a picasso from a san francisco art gallery. the judge allowed only still photographs of him. the judge denied his request for bail reduction from $5 million to $2 million. his attorney claims this case has been overhyped and bail shouldn't be so high for a nonviolent crime. authorities say a recent raid of the home in new jersey found other stolen art work, including another picasso piece stolen from a manhattan hotel. >> san jose's police chief trying to fix a public relations nightmare after bringing in two immigration agents to help the city fight gang violence. and now is asking ice agents to meet with groups oppo
Jul 29, 2011 5:00pm PDT
india. >> who know what's they did with it. >> legislature called it an identity theft starter kit. >> and other identity theft experts are weighing in saying there is no report of any petition signature ever leaving -- leading to identity theft. probably because you only have to give your name and address. some are concerned it will scare voters from signing petitions. >> and hundreds turned out to pay tribute to marin county sheriff's county jim mathison, shot to death last week. they filled the marin veteran's memorial auditorium today. the nine-year veteran worked at the jail and county court house. his friends say he gave his all, every day. >> my wife... changed the minute i met jim mathison. for that i am great oofl if you needed a fence wilt, he built it fchl you needed a car washed, he'd wash it. he was just an absolute great all around guy. >> he was killed last week by a 28-year-old parole. he made threats against his former girlfriend and mathison, a friend of the family was trying to help, unarmed and off duty when shot. halloran shot to death moments later by a member
Jun 30, 2011 5:00pm PDT
looking for a teenager from india who went missing last week. the 15-year-old speaks only behindy and limited english, last seen in front of a radisson hotel near the university of southern california june 23, part of a group of about 30 people in the u.s. on an educational tour. the group had returned to the hotel but sing remained outside alone apparently to snap pictures, police believe he's still in the country. >> we have his passport flagged and haven't had an indication he left the country with the passport. >> investigators do not believe foul play was involved. >> and the family of a restaurant manager found murdered in 2008 wants to raise the afwhard his killing. he was a night manager at tgi friday's restaurant in san nayo a fellow employee found him dead inside of the restaurant. the case is unsolved. this tuesday, his family and friends hope to boost the reward to $40,000 for information about his killings. >> and amtrak is taking a nevada trucking company to court because one big rig crashed into a train last week. six people died including the conductor and other dr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3